The Infestation

Data visualization—a narrative exploring the history of the internet and its “infestuous” growth.

Work — The Infestation


The technologies we create silently affect our psychology. Whether the effects are productive or not is a debate in itself. Right or wrong aside, it seems many consumers of technology are unaware of, or refuse to acknowledge, our creations and the potential impact on who and what we are—who and what we will become.

The history between humans and technology is: we create and it does—we program and it operates. It seems now our interwoven trajectory may be changing the rules. Is it possible—through our increased usage—technology is beginning to program us?

The effects of technology become greater as our interconnectedness grows. The easier it is to have access to new technologies the faster trends and tendencies spread—like a disease, or an infestation. This visualization brings light to the unprecedented growth in connectivity and storage the internet has made since its birth.



Repurposed paper printed with wide format black toner printer.



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