Sounds of Twitter

Data sonification—interpreting the bytes of data captured by Twitter through sound synthesis.

Work — Sounds of Twitter


This project uses sonification as a form of alternative data cognition by turning twitter posts into sound. Through sonification viewers can experience the data in a new way. Exploring data through alternative senses can expand perspective and increase awareness building new perspective and greater understanding while giving life—and beauty—to otherwise lifeless bits.

The technologies we use often leave us with limited modes of viewing data. A device dominated world has dictated some of our main channels of communication into digital ones. For example, the popular online social networking tool Twitter limits users to viewing posted content as text in a linear fashion.

Digesting information through a standard device in this linear manner can make it very hard to see the bigger picture. Furthermore, only having the ability to experience data in its original form may limit the viewers’ ability to find otherwise hidden associations or patterns.



Sonification generated with p5.js, p5.sound.js, and tone.js.



Below are some of the experiment and process highlights of Sounds of Twitter.