Exhibition Roma

Poster design—created for the graphic design study abroad fall exhibition at Iowa State University.

Work — Exhibition Roma


Rome is ripe with a rich history in art and design, which makes it a great place of pilgrimage for any aspiring designer. The students in the College of Design at Iowa State University are given an opportunity to study there with their peers over the course of a semester. A journey full of creation, interacting with culture, travel, and learning history of art and design right where the history happened.

When the students return, an exhibition is held that showcases the work they created while abroad. This poster was designed as the centerpiece for that event. It is a visual call to action and informative installation designed to be placed around campus to inform and inspire.

The imagery featured in the poster was taken of the Trastevere map just down the street from where the students lived. It is used as a symbol of their home in relation to the city. Its textural, broken-yet-structured aesthetic forwards the similar atmosphere seen in Rome as—generation to generation—structures have been renovated or built right on top of the old.

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