Interaction design—an exploration of human-to-object relationship through form and proximity.

Work — Branchstrument


We spend a lot of our time interacting with objects. Most of these objects are seemingly insensitive—or unaware—of our presence. This applies greatly to the objects we create.

The technologies we have molded and adapted for generations are often—by design—void of the infinite feedback loop of cause and effect seen in reality. What if they weren’t? What if our creations began to be aware of our presence in more human-like ways?

This project began to take form through found materials. In an effort to forward the connection between nature and technology a decision to push the juxtaposition of something naturally literal was made.

A fallen branch is the dominant formal layer which is woven in artifacts of its technological counterpart. Cables, sensors, and lights cover it’s skin as if the two have become one. This outer layer of technology is used to develop a proximity and potentiometer based interface for sound synthesis.

Your distance to Branchstrument and adjustment of multiple potentiometers effect light and sound responses. These responses were developed with personality in mind. A bubbling speech and increased excitement to approaching viewers begins to bring life and personality to its essence.

Next — MFA Thesis

Research—a creative response to selfie culture exploring effects of online social networking.