01 — Work

01 — Work

Lego Robotics

Brand extension and book design—course guide for an after school grade school robotics class by the Greater foundation.


Instrument design—an exploration of human-to-object relationship through form, proximity, and sound.

The Infestation

Data visualization—a narrative exploring the history of the internet and its “infestuous” growth.


Interactive controller—exploring perception of objects and human-to-computer interactions.

Sounds of Twitter

Data sonification—interpreting the bytes of data captured by Twitter through sound synthesis.

Selfie Language

Research—the users of Instagram are engaged in a universal self-defining system.

Exhibition Roma

Poster design—created for the graphic design study abroad fall exhibition at Iowa State University.


Web design—a proposal of bringing awareness to our personal online social networking usage.

GLEON Visualization

Data visualization—interpreting high-resolution sensor data captured from lakes worldwide.

Lost Space

Lithography—monoprints about space, time, the unknown, and its connection to our purpose.

Build A Bow

Ecommerce design and development—for a Seattle based custom bow tie shop.

FTG Apparel Co.

Identity and product design—a bold lifestyle brand that celebrates hard work, community, and functional fitness.

MFA Thesis

Research—a creative response to selfie culture looking at the effects of online social networking.

The Breakthrough

Poster design—in celebration of the graduating graphic design class at Iowa State University.

Levi’s Freedom

Brand extension—for Levi’s designed with the rugged outdoorsman in mind.

RisingSun EPC

Identity design—for a Kansas City, MO based solar energy performance contractor.

Suck Less Soap

Identity, product, and package design—natural soap created with the functional athlete in mind.

Continuous Uncertainty

Book design and writing—questioning the essence of this malleable substrate we define as perception.

College Of Design

Photographic set—used for artistic direction and application in brand extension and web re-design.


Identity and blog design—for the department of graphic design at Iowa State University.

CHYUP! Manufacturing Co.

Identity and packaging design—for a company on a mission to create tasty sauces with fresh products.

Sylvia Plath

Book design—commemorating the life of Sylvia Plath following her path towards suicide.