06 — Teaching


Philosophy of Teaching

Fostering knowledge acquisition

In the quest for knowledge we must all understand that truth will always be beyond our limits. Keeping an open mind as a teacher is key to allow the mutual activity we call learning reach its potential. What is understood now will soon be changed by the findings of the futute and what comes will then soon be evaluated by its predecessor. Everything is adapting, developing, and transforming into reality. All of us are tools in the loop of knowledge, teaching, and learning.

A teacher is a leader. With this in mind teachers have a responsibility to not steer their pupils astray while also allowing them room to explore and develop relative to their character. There is only one person who can make an individual come to understanding of new knowledge and that is the individual themselves. It is my job to lead my students in making their own conclusions. The most effective tool in performing this task is the question. By asking questions the student is allowed to take charge of their progress and find answers on their own. Though it is not possible to get inside the mind of another to help them see the light there are guidelines that assist in this journey.

Let them know they have value

A bestower of knowledge must be above personal bias and embrace the positive qualities in each person. If someone feels attacked, unloved, or unworthy it is easy for them to fall into apathy.

Listen to what they have to say

Each person has personal needs and interests. If you force your personal beliefs on others it is easy to be perceived as arrogant or uninterested in others goals. A teacher must be supportive and encouraging to foster the process of learning. This is impossible if you do not listen and find out what to support or encourage.

Ask them how they can be assisted

Allowing people to feel in control of their goals is empowering and the only way for someone to gain new knowledge is them to reaching a higher understanding themselves.

Fostering skill acquisition

A teacher should give demonstrations. Walking through a process or idea not only makes the message more clear but also shows the task is able to be accomplished while illustrating your experience, relevance, and understanding of the ideas being shown to the students.

Iteration is the greatest tool for honing skills. Performing a task multiple times allows us to become more proficient at a given task psychologically and physically. As the task is performed adaptations occur. The mind becomes aware of alternate patterns allowing the subject a choice of how they would like to complete a given task. Being able to find and evaluate patterns will not only help with specific skills but will also bleed over into all aspects of life. Analysis and pattern evaluation is how we perceive our lives and how we begin to understand new ideas.

Fostering the “gut”

Intuition, especially in design, plays a crucial role in performance and mental health. Encouraging students to be active and make decisions, and giving constant feedback is a great way to help aid an individual in gaining confidence. The more confident one is in their abilities the easier it is to listen and acting on “gut” feelings. Time and experience is the most beneficial tool in making this happen, but being supportive is a great catalyst.

Speak and be spoken to

Sharing ideas is a must in the classroom. Through communicating our ideas to eachother the exchange of personal knowledge helps us all grow. Simply through spoken word we can create connections between thoughts and ideas through the sparatic rhythm of how we interact aurally.

Be considerate with a pencil

Creatives are often scatter minded due to the wealth of new ideas popping up through the interactions we have each day. Writing and sketching are necesarry tools for process of ideation and developing unique and effective ideas. While writing and sketching allows us to organize our ideas it also allows us to see patterns and connectinos between problems as to what solutions may work well. With this intuition can be enhanced and work can be accomplished more effeiciently and effectively.

Teaching Experience

Student Work