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Thesis—Chapter 1: Introduction

The times are fast–rapidly changing. We create and deploy, create and deploy, create and deploy, always moving forward with ever-growing speed and efficiency.

Transdisciplinary Tools

Though incorporating motion, tactile feedback, audio, and visual stimuli a multi-sensory—transformative—experience can enhance learning.

The Finding of Techno—Ecology

After graduate school Eric Andren takes time to reflect on experience and take a thoughtful look at defining his work—and research.

Cooperative Interfacing—Usability & Cybernetics

The term usability echoes violently across the gap found between the fields of design and technology. Each iteration, whether it be hardware or software, strives to reach a higher level of intuitiveness and interconnectedness.

Without Power Lines—A World

Power lines, energy cables, electricity strings, whatever you want to call them-they are an ultimate hack used to forward the commercial spoils of power companies.