01 — Work

GLEON Visualization

Data visualization—interpreting high-resolution sensor data captured from lakes worldwide.


Interaction design—an exploration of human-to-object relationship through form and proximity.

Exhibition Roma

Poster design—created for the graphic design study abroad fall exhibition at Iowa State University.

Sounds of Twitter

Interpreting the bytes of data captured by Twitter through sound synthesis.


Interactive design exploring perception of objects as intelligent media controllers.

The Infestation

Data visualization—and narrative—exploring the internet and its infestuous growth.

02 — News

July 4, 2017

Website Featured On Siteinspire

Siteinspire—web and interactive online showcase—features a website developed by Eric Andren for Seattle based Graphic Design studio, Flint.

April 20, 2017

Lakeside Lab—Artist in Residence

Beginning his summer as an artist in residence Eric Andren spends time observing, participating, and creating at Lakeside Lab—ecological research lab.

03 — Essays

Thesis—Chapter 1: Introduction

The times are fast–rapidly changing. We create and deploy, create and deploy, create and deploy, always moving forward with ever-growing speed and efficiency.

The Finding of Techno—Ecology

After graduate school Eric Andren takes time to reflect on experience and take a thoughtful look at defining his work—and research.

Transdisciplinary Tools

Though incorporating motion, tactile feedback, audio, and visual stimuli a multi-sensory—transformative—experience can enhance learning.